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The G Polytec Co., Ltd. is one of leading manufacturer of specific chemicals
(reactive additive, emulsifier) for a large array of applications in eco-friendly water-based
Polyurethane resin. We are focusing on business management and R&D of developing
eco-friendly Specific chemicals for the future.

 Also, we developed eco-friendly material as like, Water-based Polyurethane resin (PUD)
and GS-7Q (Reactive dispersant for waterborne polyurethane resin, PUD) over the last
15 years. These products have been favorable to many clients in the world. Our executives
and employees have prepared ‘Best Quality, Best Brand, and Best Professionalism’ to
let the world know about the superiority of advanced materials.

Furthermore, we are succeeding the development of PUD for adhesive and leather with
using by our product, GS-7Q (sulfonate diol type dispersant).

Thus, we continue to fulfill our passion for customer satisfaction.

Hereafter G POLYTEC Co., Ltd., will continue to be an eco-friendly company that is
based on liability, technology, and professionalism.

We will try to support all our clients.

Thank you.

Richard J. Park

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