Brand name : SULFADIOL®-7Q (GS-7Q)
Usage : Reactive Dispersant agent for Water-based PUD Synthesis Or Reactive Emulsifier

Reference of material information

CAS No.: 68874-05-5
Chemical Name: 3,6,11,14-Tetraoxahexadecane-8-sulfonic acid,
1,16-dihydroxy-2,5,12,15-tetramethyl-, sodium salt (1:1)
IUPAC Name:sodium;1,4-bis[2-(2-hydroxypropoxy)propoxy]butane-2-sulfonate
Molecular Formula: C16 H34 O9 S . Na
EINECS: 272-526-0

Molecular Structure

SULFADIOL®-7Q is consisted of sulfonated sodium salt and terminated Hydroxy group which is derived from
added 4 mole of propylene oxide. And which is widely used chain extender in water-based polyurethane resin
synthesis as like adhesives for woodwork or for shoes, and artificial leather.

SULFADIOL®-7Q is a good reactive dispersant for water-borne polyurethane dispersant (PUD) with strong
hydrophilic properties and has good compatibility with the acidic or basic conditions, then which can widely be
applicable with various reagents for synthesis for PUD.

It was developed as a specific emulsifier to replace DMBA and DMPA, or Vestamin A95, which have a carboxyl ionic center.

SULFADIOL®-7Q is increased the anti-hydrolysis of PUD resin and has storage stability than other PUD resin
synthesized with DMPA. And also, SULFADIOL®-7Q has low sensitivity to the influence of the external
environment (temperature or pH). Furthermore, due to the SULFADIOL®-7Q is a sulfonated sodium salt type,
which is not needed for the neutralizer, allows a wider range of process variations in preparing the polyurethane dispersion.

Physical advantage

1. Increase of anti-hydrolysis dispersion
2. Superior storage stability
3. Superior chemical resistance

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