Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU)

   for Water-based Polyurethane adhesive

Characteristics of TPU adhesive

TPU can easily producing the water-based Polyurethane resin.
This water-based polyurethane adhesive has excellent initial bonding strength,
good hydrolysis resistance. It can be used alone or mix with polysocyanate hardener.

1. For use in shoes bonding: Rubber, EVA, leater, synthetic leather, etc.
2. Long tacky time, high bonding strength
3. Long pot life, east to use.
4. Good water, heat and yellowing resistance.

Application of TPU adhesive

This water based TPU adhesive is suitable to be used on shoe bondig.
and textile lamination. It has good adhesion performance of leather, nylon, PVC, rubber substrates and so on.

Procedure of Usage

Our TPU resin is easily change to the water based polyurethane dispersion adhesive; it should be dissolved by
Solvent and water. And then the solvent is removed by evaportaion and controlled the solid content.
The formulation we generally suggested is one-third(2/3) each of Acetone and Water. In general, it depends
on the customer's requirement. If you require the higher solid content, you can cortrolled the quantity of water,
it should be adopted according to the characteristics of PUD and every customer's needs.


GT-7Q-TPU is widely used Bonding of leather, synthetic leather, EVA and so on.



1. GT-7Q-TPU can be stored at 5-40℃ for 6 months in original sealed containers.
2. Temperature above 40℃ must be avoides.
3. The product is sensitive to frost, and must be not stored at temperature below 5℃,
It's not possible to thaw the procuct after freezing.
4. The containers must be kept tightly sealed, ohterwise evaporization of water leads the formation of a flim
which is not re-dispersible.

We cerify the above results are true and correct. If you have any question on the above results, don's hesitate
to contact us by e-mail( of telephone call.

GH-2500(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

GH-2500 is the Hexamethylene Diisocyanate Based (HDI) polyurethane adhesive formulated for shoes and
furniture industry and a variety range of industrial materials, and developing to catch up with our customers'
requiremets. There are main features such as not only excellent adhesion but also high thermo plasticity and
good hydrolysis resistence to be a better product.

GT-2010(Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

GT-2010 is the Toluene Diisocyanate Based(TDI) polyurethane adhesive.

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